Technical facts

What are the main components of a Doxy amp ?
A Doxy amp uses the same components as can be found in its legendary model: 4 germanium transistors and 2 transformers, which are the key to this amp softly saturated tone. The Doxy cabinets also rely on a dual cone speaker and a cone tweeter, as per original.

Are DoxyWorld products RoHS/WEEE compliant ?
RoHS : Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive
WEEE : Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
RoHS/WEEE are European Union directives which restrict the use of certain substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury in electrical and electronic products, which can be damaging to the environment, and also set collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electronic goods.
This legislation only applies to final products sold or imported in the European Union, ie ready to be used without any further mounting/assembling. Kit products are outside of the scope of the RoHS/WEEE legislation. Thus, when sold to a european customer, DoxyWorld products are shipped as "kits", which can be very easily assembled by the final user, without any technical knowledge. RoHS/WEEE legilsation only applying for products sold within the EU, the Doxy products are sold fully assembled and ready to be used to non-EU customer.
Please see the EU Doxy Kits page for more information.

Do I really need a treble booster with my Doxy ?
A treble booster is the best choice to go with your Doxy, but an overdrive/preamp booster pedal will also give great results. Some of the videos done with the White Doxy actually use a preamp booster instead of a treble booster, with great results. A Doxy amp, just like the original amp, won't give satisfying results if the guitar is plugged directly in the amp.

What type of treble booster do I need with my Doxy ?
You will be able to get different tones with your Doxy amp pedal, depending on the treble booster you will use. Recordings featuring the original amp were done with both germanium and silicon-based treble boosters.

Can I use an effect pedal before my Doxy amp pedal, for instance a phaser ?
You can indeed use an effect pedal before your Doxy amp. Depending on the type of effect you will use, it can overload the input of the pedal and cause some distorsion in the final tone. This issue can quickly be fixed thanks to an easy-to-do setting inside the pedal. Please contact us to know some more.

Is the Doxy DI output a balanced/unbalanced output ?

Is there a cab simulator on the DI output ?
There is no cab simulator on the DI output, which enables you to add your own cab simulator hardware/software if you wish, or just leave this DI output as is.

Can I use two outputs at the same time on my Doxy ?
Yes, and it is indeed one of the great features of the Doxy amps. While you can record DI your Doxy amp, by plugging it straight into your computer soundcard, you can at the same time interact with your Doxy cabinet

Volume controls on my Doxy pedal are not totally independant. Is this an issue ?
No, the different volume settings slightly interact when two outputs are used at the same time, but you will quickly find the right level for each output, using both volume settings.

How can I get a higher speaker output volume on my Doxy amp ?
A Doxy amp is a 9V amp, and has a practice amp volume. To get a higher volume out of your Doxy amp, you can use a 9V DC Power Supply Unit and insert a fresh battery in your treble booster. You can also use the preamp out of your Doxy amp (available with the Doxy Maxx FX, the White Doxy and the Diamond Doxy) to get the wanted tone at high volume.

I don't get a very high volume output when I plug my Doxy preamp output (or Doxy Maxx FX output) in my power amp input.
A specific brand and model of power amp has once shown this strange behaviour, which can be easily solved using a DI box (passive or active) between your Doxy and the power amp.

What type of speaker should I get with my Doxy amp ?
All the Doxy amp pedals require a 8-ohm speaker, except the Vintage Doxy, which will also work with a 4-ohm.
Disclaimer: Don't use a 4-ohm speaker with your Doxy amp (except the Vintage Doxy), this would damage it.

What type of cable should I plug between my Doxy pedal and the Doxy cabinet ?
No special cable type is required between your Doxy pedal and Doxy cabinet, though a short cable will be less prone to interference.

What type of power supply unit should I use with my Doxy pedal ?
Boss-type 9V DC Power Supply Unit are recommended.

Can I use a daisy chain power supply unit with my Doxy pedal ?
No. The Doxy amps and effects are positive-ground pedals and thus can not share their power with negative ground designs (most amps and FX pedals are negative-ground nowadays) - that will short out the power supply. Your Doxy amps or FX will have to work with a separate power-supply unit or with a battery.

For all other technical questions, please contact us and we will answer your questions promptly.