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About us

Since 2008, DoxyWorld has been manufacturing 1W-style transistor recording amplifiers. Our goal is to replicate our model, a small amp based on the Supersonic PR80 radio audio amp section, in tone and in look.

Our range

Our products are designed to sound as close as possible to their model. Each product differs on the accuracy of its tone, of its look and the presence of some additional features.

How we work

Our products are manufactured by hand in France. When impossible to source, some electronics parts are also hand-made to exact specifications of their vintage counterpart.

Our customers

Most of our customers use our products with a Red Special guitar and a treble booster. While the treble booster is a 'must-use', our amps will give good results with different type of guitars.

The Supersonic Pro
(Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition)
The tone and the look.

Technical specifications

Our videos

Check out our latest recordings.

The Supersonic Pro - click on the top left of the Youtube window to access the playlist

Supersonic Pro 'Standard Edition' and 'Ultimate Edition', how can i choose between the two ?

The Supersonic Pro 'Standard Edition' and 'Ultimate Edition' have the same tone. A lot of R&D was put into the tone accuracy, when compared to its legendary model, and all the technical sides were taken care of, from the faithful reproduction of the original audio transformers to the speakers selection.
The Supersonic Pro 'Ultimate Edition' is a our most faithful aesthetical reproduction of its legendary model, both outside and inside the amplifier. After much research, we managed to source more original parts, and to closely reproduce the unobtainable ones. You will find below the main aesthetical differences between the Supersonic Pro Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition.

The 'Ultimate Edition' includes a replica of the Elac speakers, while the 'Standard Edition' uses modern-looking speakers.

Original 1960s black and silver Vynair grill cloth is used for the 'Ultimate Edition'. The 'Standard Edition' uses a close replica of the same Vynair.

1960s resistors, identical to the ones used in the original audio amp board, are used for the 'Ultimate Edition'. Close-looking modern resistors populate the 'Standard Edition' audio amp board.

The 'Ultimate Edition' audio amp board components and tracks sides match the aspect of the original circuit, while only the components side of the 'Standard Edition' does.


Supersonic Pro 'Standard Edition' : 1199 € + shipping
Supersonic Pro 'Ultimate Edition' : 1599 € + shipping
Please contact us regarding leadtime and shipping options.
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