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About us

Since 2008, DoxyWorld has been manufacturing 1W-style transistor recording amplifiers. Our goal is to replicate our model, a small amp based on the Supersonic PR80 radio audio amp section, in tone and in look.

Our range

Our products are designed to sound as close as possible to their model. Each product differs on the accuracy of its tone, of its look and the presence of some additional features.

How we work

Our products are manufactured by hand in France. When impossible to source, some electronics parts are also hand-made to exact specifications of their vintage counterpart.

Our customers

Most of our customers use our products with a Red Special guitar and a treble booster. While the treble booster is a 'must-use', our amps will give good results with different type of guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products exact replicas of their legendary model ?
The original amp tones are a combination of a lot of parameters : the circuit and components, the speaker, the enclosure, the treble booster and the electric guitar, but also the studio trickery, the effects (EQ…) applied on the recordings...and of course the guitarist playing ! For these reasons, the original tones are never readily obtained « as is », out of the amp. All of our products rely on the same type of components (germanium transistors, transformers…) to achieve the closest tone possible. We chose, on our videos page, not to work on studio trickery and effects, to show what tones you will actually get with our products you’ll have to go down the same road as your guitar hero to get as close as possible.
The Supersonic products use the exact same circuit as the original Supersonic PR80 audio amp board, and the speakers of the Supersonic Pro have been compared and selected using the original exact Elac speakers.
With its bespoke hand-wound to original specifications audio transformers, the Supersonic Pro is the most exact replica of its legendary model.

I don't own the right electric guitar type... Is a Supersonic amp still an option for me to get that tone I'm looking for ?
The good news is that you'll be able to achieve very good tones with a lot of guitar types. Quality of the tone will depend on your pickups setting though, so you'll have to find out the one that best works for you.

What are the terms of your warranty?
Our products are warranted for a period of two years to the original purchaser. This warranty is void if the original purchaser sells, leases or rents his product. The warranty is also void if the original purchaser uses an alternative speaker cabinet without our prior agreement. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. Defects due to misuse, accident, neglect or wear and tear resulting from normal use are not covered. Unauthorized alteration, modification or repair of the product will void the warranty. No charge will be made for warranty repairs, which include labor and materials. The purchaser must notify us by email to obtain authorization for warranty repairs and shipment to us. Transportation charges to the repair facility are to be borne by the purchaser, return shipping by the manufacturer. We will repair or replace the product at our option. This warranty is void if the product was not purchased from DoxyWorld directly. There are no other warranties on this product expressed or implied other than what is stated on this warranty.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs are the actual cost of shipping, including carriage (calculated by actual weight of your packaged order), appropriate insurance for the items and packaging. DoxyWorld will not profit from this in anyway. Please contact us to determine the exact shipping costs for your order. International shipping may be subject to customs or duty charges. DoxyWorld can't declare goods as "gifts", or can't minor items real value.

How do I pay for my Supersonic amp ?
All payments are to be made using PayPal. Please contact us, and let us calculate the shipping costs for your order. We'll then send you a PayPal invoice, that will let you pay through a secure payment gateway. You'll be able to pay using your PayPal account or your credit card through PayPal.

How do I know if you are making progress on my order ?
When DoxyWorld makes some significant progress on the build of your products, we will send you some pictures and will keep you informed through emails about how things are going.

What are the delivery times when my order is completed ?
Average international delivery times can vary between 4 and 8 working days, depending on your location. Customs handling can sometimes take some extra time.

Where is my order right now ?
When your order is completed and shipped, DoxyWorld will send you a tracking number and a tracking website link, so that you can see in real-time where your parcel is.

You didn't answer my question...
Contact us and we will answer your questions promptly.

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