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About us

Since 2008, DoxyWorld has been manufacturing 1W-style transistor recording amplifiers. Our goal is to replicate our model, a small amp based on the Supersonic PR80 radio audio amp section, in tone and in look.

Our range

Our products are designed to sound as close as possible to their model. Each product differs on the accuracy of its tone, of its look and the presence of some additional features.

How we work

Our products are manufactured by hand in France. When impossible to source, some electronics parts are also hand-made to exact specifications of their vintage counterpart.

Our customers

Most of our customers use our products with a Red Special guitar and a treble booster. While the treble booster is a 'must-use', our amps will give good results with different type of guitars.

The DoxyWorld Adjustable Power Supply
When your Power Supply Unit performs like a real 9V battery

The DoxyWorld Adjustable Power Supply (DAPS) will replace the usual 9V battery that goes along your Supersonic Doxy or your Supersonic Pro. Its many features make it very versatile, and one can also use it to replace a battery with some other 9V battery-powered pedal or amplifier (please contact us to check compatibility). Depending on how long you've used a 9V battery, you will notice a difference in your amplifier tone. Indeed, a dying battery will give a smoother tone, and that's the way Brian May likes his own small recording amplifier. To achieve this effect, you can adjust the output voltage of your DAPS between 7V and 9.3V, with a preferred value of 7.5V with our Supersonic Doxy and Supersonic Pro amplifiers.
The DAPS must be used with the supplied DoxyWorld-approved 12V Power Supply Unit. A male DC jack-male DC jack adapter (for direct use with our Supersonic Doxy) is also supplied with the DAPS. Please note that due to the varying plug types around the world, the main power cable is not included with the DAPS. You can use a simple 3-pins kettle-type main power cable to go with it.

Here are the DoxyWorld Adjustable Power Supply specifications :
Input DC voltage : 12V
Input connector : 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC jack socket (positive center-pin)
Input polarity inversion protection
Output connectors : PP9-style connectors or 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC jack socket ("Boss-style" negative center-pin)
Output voltage adjustable between 7V and 9,3V
Maximum output current : 700 mA
Overload and short circuit protection
Low ripple and low noise


119,00 € + shipping
Please contact us regarding leadtime and shipping options.
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