The Vintage Doxy

Main features

Experiment infinite sustain...
The Vintage Doxy is an all-germanium transistors amp pedal. Used with a treble booster, it gives you this sweet, softly saturated sound you’ve been looking for. The Vintage Doxy is rather quiet, making it perfect for home recording. DI output, with volume control : you can plug this pedal in your soundcard and record the sound with any sound-recording software (Cubase, Audition...). Speaker output, with volume control : you can plug this pedal in a speaker cab (4 ohms speaker) of your own. Please notice that most of the changes occur between 8 and 10.

  • Speaker output for mic'd recording
  • DI output for direct recording
  • Separate volume control for each output

  • 1/4" jack input and output
  • On/Off LED

Videos does it sound ?
Well, very close to its legendary model. In fact, the original amp sound has always been heavily processed in the studio (using a coat placed before the amp, putting the amp in a metal bin...). For this reason, you will need to experiment to get as close as possible to the sound and tone you're looking for. The following videos have been made with no or very little studio processing.
These videos were done with various setups (Electric guitar replica, or regular guitar fitted with « Trisonic-type » pickups…), treble booster, into a Vintage Doxy, mic’d or DI’d. The cabinet that was used on some of the recordings does not contain a Doxy speaker, but a regular 6.5 ‘’ dual cone speaker.

Ordering informations

All payments done with PayPal. See FAQ.
These pedals being hand-made on order, please notice that availability is within at least 2 weeks time. You can contact us for a precise manufacturing lead time.

  • The Vintage Doxy : 199 euros

  • Quantity:

Available as a kit in the EU, and assembled in the rest of the world. See EU Doxy Kits page. Contact us for more informations.