The DoxyBoost

Main features

The DoxyBoost is a silicon treble booster, that has been especially designed to be used with a Doxy amplifier. In fact, why another treble booster, as there are so many different ones available, commercially or for the DIYer ?

A good Doxy tone is made of many different components : the electric guitar, the treble booster, the amplifier, and of course your fingers.
While using our Doxy amp ranges, we realized that some of the treble boosters we had the opportunity to test were not giving the best results with a Doxy amp. Gain, boosted frequencies... were sometimes an issue, and the final tone could have been closer to the original amp.

That is why DoxyWorld decided to conceive and hand-make this new treble booster, that will make your Doxy amp shines and sound as close as possible to the original amp. So... just go for it !

We kept this treble booster as simple as can be : no control, power turned on/off when plugging/unplugging your guitar lead into the "IN" jack socket, uses a PP3 9 Volt battery.


The DoxyBoost treble booster, your Doxy amp best friend !

The DoxyBoost will bring out the best of your Doxy amplifier, and help you achieve that softly saturated tone, without any fizz or harshness.

No DoxyBoost video is available right now, but some will be added in the near future, so watch this space !

Ordering informations

All payments done with PayPal. See FAQ.
These pedals being hand-made on order, please notice that availability is within at least 2 weeks time. You can contact us for a precise manufacturing lead time.

  • The DoxyBoost : 112 euros

  • Shipping cost
  • Zone #1 (France) : 11,60 euros
  • Zone #2 (European Union and Switzerland) : 11,60 euros
  • Zone #3 (Eastern Europe (outside EU), Norway, Maghreb : 21,80 euros
  • Zone #4 (Africa (outside Maghreb), Canada, USA, Near and Middle East) : 25,20 euros
  • Zone #5 (Other locations) : 28,40 euros
This product is manufactured in the UK for DoxyWorld. Therefore, your DoxyBoost order will be processed separately from your other DoxyWorld products, and payment will be done through a specific PayPal invoice. Please Contact us to order your DoxyBoost.