The Doxy Speakers

No guess work went into the speakers selection. Using the same speakers as the ones that are fitted in the Doxy legendary model, DoxyWorld has carefully selected the closest sounding modern speakers, to provide you with the best tone possible. DoxyWorld is indeed very privileged to be among the very happy few to own these speakers, that went out of production nearly half a century ago.
You can choose to buy each speaker individually, and build your own cabinet, or alternatively to buy one of our Doxy cabinets. Please see the Doxy Cabinets and Doxy Cabinets DeLuxe pages. If you choose to build your own cabinet, DoxyWorld can help you, by providing you with all the information needed to do so(type of materials, dimensions...).
Here are the speakers that are available for your own build, and that are also used in the Doxy Cabinets.

  • 6.5" full-range 8-ohm speaker, equipped with a whizzer cone (as per original)
  • 8" full-range 8-ohm speaker, equipped with a whizzer cone (as per original)
  • Cone tweeter, supplied with a crossover non-polarized capacitor

DoxyWorld can also supply you with the grill cloth of your choice, 60s/indian style, or original style, as can be seen on the Doxy Cabinets page. Size will fit both 6.5" or 8" full range-fitted cabinets.

What are whizzer cone speakers ?

The original amp houses a full-range whizzer cone speaker. A whizzer is a small cone placed in the middle of the speaker main cone. Its goal is to extend the speaker high-end frequencies restitution, thus broadening its spectrum. Whizzer cone speakers were widely available in the 1960s, and are still in use for many purpose : car speakers, speakers used in damp conditions,... but also high-end hi-fi speakers.
Disclaimer : all the following pictures are for information purpose only, and have nothing to do with the speakers fitted in the Doxy Cabinets, or in the original amp itself.
Coral dual cone speaker drivers A close-up on the Coral 8A-40 whizzer Fostex FE206e speaker

Ordering informations

All payments done with PayPal. See FAQ.

  • The 6.5" Doxy Speaker : 39 euros
  • Quantity:
  • The 8" Doxy Speaker : 59 euros
  • Quantity:
  • The Doxy Tweeter, with crossover capacitor : 24 euros
  • Quantity:
  • The Doxy Grill Cloth : 14 euros
  • Quantity: