The Doxy Cabinet DeLuxe

The Doxy Cabinets, as seen on this page, can be enhanced and equipped with a tone section, consisting in a bass and a treble 6-positions rotary switches. This passive tone section, not available on its legendary model, takes you a step futher in the tweakability of your Doxy amp.
While the original amp tones we know are achieved thanks to many studio trickery (both post-effects and recording techniques), this tone section can give you immediately the tone you want to match.
How should I set the tone section to get a classical Doxy tone, just like on the original amp ? Bass set to 5, treble set to 3. Please see third picture below.

Ordering informations

All payments done with PayPal. See FAQ.
These cabinets being hand-made on order, please notice that availability is within at least 2 weeks time. You can contact us for a precise manufacturing lead time.

  • The 6.5" Doxy Cabinet DeLuxe : 239 euros
  • Quantity:
  • The 8" Doxy Cabinet DeLuxe: 249 euros
  • Quantity: