The Doxy Cabinet

Main features

The speaker cabinet : a keystone to achieve that tone.

The Doxy Cabinet will help you getting the best out of your Doxy amp pedal. In fact, a part of the tone you'll have will depend on your cabinet and the speaker it houses. We chose to hand-build a cabinet that would be faithfull to the original, both using the same materials and the closest sounding speakers.

How can you be sure your speakers sound just like the ones in its lengendary model ? DoxyWorld is lucky enough to actually own the same speakers as the ones that are fitted in the original amp it mimics. DoxyWorld has carefully selected the closest sounding modern speakers, to provide you with the best tone possible. Please go to the Doxy speakers page to know some more.

Why are there two sizes of Doxy cabinet ? The first type of cabinet reproduces the original amp size, and houses a full range dual cone 6.5" speaker and a tweeter. The second type, thanks to his 8" speaker and its tweeter, brings further the concept of its legendary model, with a higher volume, and also more high-end frequencies, that you can keep or roll off, by adding some EQ to your recordings.

What types of grill cloth do you have ? Your Doxy Cabinet can have this very unique 60s/indian-looking grill cloth, and you'll be able to choose between different types and colors. Alternatively, you can choose a grill cloth that will very closely match the original amp grill cloth. Please contact us to know what grill cloth are available and to let us know the one you will choose.

  • Chipboard structure
  • African Mahogany veneer, with satin lacquer

  • Custom grill cloth
  • 1/4'' jack input

Ordering informations

All payments done with PayPal. See FAQ.
These cabinets being hand-made on order, please notice that availability is within at least 2 weeks time. You can contact us for a precise manufacturing lead time.

  • The 6.5" Doxy Cabinet : 189 euros
  • Quantity:
  • The 8" Doxy Cabinet : 199 euros
  • Quantity: