The Black Doxy

Main features

The tone you've been looking for !
The Black Doxy is an all-germanium transistors amp pedal. Used with a treble booster, the Black Doxy will get you as close as possible to its legendary model tone. The Black Doxy gives you a louder output volume than the Vintage Doxy, which you can control thanks to the speaker volume setting. DI output, with volume control : you can plug this pedal in your soundcard and record the sound with any sound-recording software (Cubase, Audition...). Speaker output, with volume control : you can plug this pedal in a speaker cab (4 ohms speaker) of your own. Please notice that most of the changes occur between 8 and 10.

  • Speaker output for mic'd recording
  • DI output for direct recording
  • Separate volume control for each output

  • Standard 9V DC power supply jack socket
  • (power supply unit not included)
  • 1/4" jack input and output
  • On/Off LED


The following videos have been made with no or very little studio processing. Most of these videos were recorded with a well-chosen guitar type, a treble booster, into a Black Doxy, mic’d or DI’d. The cabinet that was used on these recordings contained a 8" Vintage Doxy speaker or a modern 8" Doxy speaker.

Ordering informations

All payments done with PayPal. See FAQ.
These pedals being hand-made on order, please notice that availability is within at least 2 weeks time. You can contact us for a precise manufacturing lead time.

  • The Black Doxy : 249 euros

  • Quantity:

Available as a kit in the EU, and assembled in the rest of the world. See EU Doxy Kits page. Contact us for more informations.